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Thanks to these brothers for responding to our recent alumni email survey! If you’d like to submit an update of your own for publication in an upcoming e-letter or a future edition of our alumni newsletter, email us your updates and photos at [email protected].


George Morriss ’69

My wife Sue and I are true snowbirds, splitting our time between Grand Haven, MI (primary) and Guilford, CT.  We celebrated our 50th anniversary earlier this year in the Turks and Caicos after being totally surprised by our three children, their spouses, and 6 grandchildren at the location of our wedding reception.

My favorite place to go in Philadelphia was 3809 Locust Walk, I could always find a brother to have a lively conversation with and, of course, Bob Gordon was usually there. I enjoyed the football games; they provided a chance to connect with brothers and friends and enjoy Penn traditions.  I usually try to go to a game every year. The most valuable part of my Sigma Chi experience was the fellowship, we could be individuals on a large campus.


Mina Mishrikey ’00

Leslie (Class of 2002) and I live right in the City and welcome seeing old friends. We have 3 kids, Jack (7), Charlie (5), Layla (3). I’m working in Private Equity and Leslie is an employment lawyer at a firm called something very long and with many names. I have fond memories of Sigma Chi and have friendships that I maintain to this day.

We live in Center City in the Fitler neighborhood, so taking my kids to the Schuylkill River Park or Fitler Park is a common occurrence. We are right across the river from campus, where I like to go to a tree we planted for a friend (to many of us Phi Phi’s) who passed away in our college years, it is right off the walk next to the Arts Library entrance. 


Michael Rosko ’71

I Retired 2 years ago after serving as a Professor at Widener University. I still teach as an Adjunct Professor at the Perelman School of Medicine, where I have served for over a decade.

When I was on campus, the Palestra was my favorite place to go for all the great b-ball games. Off of campus, I frequented The Phila Art Museum, for obvious reasons. Homecoming was a great event, I loved to see the older Phi Phis return to campus. By the way, this Fall marks the 50th anniversary of the time the undefeated Phi Phis won the All-university Intramural Flag Football Championship. Back then Phi Phis did not win intramural championships very often so this was an unexpected and extra-special delight that bonded the Brothers even closer.

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