Phi Phi Flag Football Memory

We would like to say thank you to Michael Rosko ‘71 for sending in a flashback memory. We always appreciate hearing from our alumni! If you would like to submit your own update, to be uploaded to the website and featured in the future, you can email our alumni relations partner at [email protected]. You can also post directly by submitting an update on the website; CLICK HERE to do that! 

Here’s what Michael had to say:

“This Fall marks the 50th anniversary of an exciting Phi Phi sports memory! In the Fall of 1971, the Phi Phis won the All-university Intramural Flag Football Championship. They played an undefeated season and took home the championship. At the time, Phi Phi did not win intramural championships very often so this was an unexpected and extra-special delight that bonded the Brothers of that class even closer.”

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